Abrasive Blasting & Industrial Cleaning

The secret to a successful coating application often lies in the quality of the surface preparation and cleanliness before the first coat is ever applied. Axis Industries offers a variety of surface cleaning methods and medias, applicable to a number of commercial and industrial applications, including surface preparation for painting and protective coatings, concrete or masonry cleaning and finishing, metal cleaning and finishing, removal of hazardous materials, and high- and low-pressure water cleaning processes.

Not every method is right for every application, and it’s important to have a Contractor with the technical expertise to help you make the right decision. Axis Industries is ready to evaluate your need, including your project scope, size and scale, and potential environmental or regulatory factors, to create a practical and cost-efficient solution.

  • Abrasive Blast Cleaning, Dry Mineral
  • Abrasive Blast Cleaning, Wet Mineral or Slurry
  • Abrasive Blast Cleaning, Alternative Media (i.e. soda, glass bead, agricultural)
  • Hydro-Blast Cleaning, Low Pressure used when preparing a surface for painting or coating
  • Hydro-Blast Cleaning, High Pressure used when preparing a surface for painting or coating
  • High Pressure and Ultra-High Pressure (UHP) Water Blast Cleaning used when preparing a surface for painting or coating
  • Powered or Hand Tool Cleaning
  • Lead Containing Paint (LCP) Abatement
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