Painting & Protective Coatings

Axis has several indoor shop facilities that apply zinc, high temp, epoxy, phenolic, polyurethane, polysiloxane, polyurea, metalizing, and internal coating on pipe spools and fittngs, pilings, utility poles, vessels, exchangers, tank plate and more. We also perform on-site field surface preparation, abrasive blasting, automated shot blasting, application of specialty coatings, and linings on storage tanks, piping, structure, concrete, secondary containment, plant process equipment, vessels, towers, exchangers, floor coatings and much more.

Corrosion is responsible for enormous monetary losses every year, as tanks, pipelines and structures’ integrity fail, leading to costly repairs, lost productivity, and regulatory compliance. Axis Industries combines quality craftsmanship, technical expertise, and a culture of safety to provide superior industrial painting and protective coatings services for capital or new construction, maintenance or rehabilitation, and outage or turnaround project site.

We support our projects with association-trained and certified (NACE, SSPC) industrial coating professionals, own and operate a modern equipment fleet, and employ skilled and safety-conscious craftpersons and supervisory staff to meet the most demanding project specifications. Regardless of the size or complexity of your project or specification, Axis Industries will deliver a quality finished project on time, every time!

  • Plant & Facility Corrosion Maintenance
  • Plant & Equipment Field Surface Prep & Coating
  • Tank, Pipeline & Vessel Rehabilitation
  • Concrete Rehabilitation & Coating
  • Architectural Painting
  • Corrosion-Under-Insulation (CUI) Mitigation
  • Thermal Spray Metalizing
  • Secondary Containment Repair & Lining
  • Commercial & Industrial Floor Coating
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